Gigi Wax

Gigi Wax – Perfect solution for hair removal

Gigi Wax is the famous product for removing excess hair from hands and legs and they are very famous among the women folks. If you are a person who is concerned with the beauty, this product is the perfect one for you. This product is very safe and it does not cause any injury to you leg. Taking unwanted hair from your hands and legs is a nightmare, and you end up in messing the wax on your body. Gigi Wax is available in various compositions and each wax is prepared by unique methods. There is a good demand for the Gigi Wax, and most of the women and beauty parlors use this product for effective hair removal.

Skin friendly products for women

These wax products are very simple to use and does not cause and damage to the skin. The Gigi Wax products are made with natural substances and are used for various beautification purposes. The honey wax is the best product available in the market and you can get effective results.The honey wax is made by special process and it leaves your skin smooth and sleek. The other Gigi Wax is the Azulene wax; this wax is prepared from Azulene oil, which has calming properties.

Prepared from oils and other natural ingredients

This is an aromatic wax, which is well balanced to go with all kinds of skins. You need to use a soft cloth or Muslin cloth for extracting the hair. Some times you will be nervous to remove the hair from you legs because of the pain. Gigi Wax products are skin friendly and do not cause any pain. The Gigi Wax products are made from natural resources and they give complete protection to your skin. Hemp Wax is a special Gigi Wax product made of Oil obtained from the hemp seed, this wax helps to rejuvenate and helps in moisturizing the skin. The hemp oil is a rich source of fatty acids and it helps in healing many skin problems. Apart from it, the help oil does not cause any inflammation on the skin. The new Gigi Wax formula of hemp oil gives good feel to the skin, and makes it silky and smooth. This wax comes with a beautiful smell to please the sense of the users.

Soya wax for effective results

The other type of Gigi Wax is the Soya formula, this wax is prepared by special process and it helps in easy extraction of hairs from the body. This formula is good for the skin and it does not leave any bruise on the skin. The Soya formula works very fast and effective, and it is free from sugar and other chemicals. The other choice of Gigi WaxGigi Wax is the Bikini wax formula; this is very effective for the skin.

This wax is used by customers who are wearing bikini, and it is a gentle formula to remove coarse hair from the body. The customers get various items with this kit such as Pre Hon, Wax, Slow Glow and Accu Edge. For people who are looking for a professional waxing use, the Gigi Wax comes with a special professional kit with many accessories for the esthetician requirements. This kit is the hottest selling kit in the market, and it comes with many lotions and cleaning products. This is the best waxing product in the world, which comes with a warmer. To make the customers understand about the waxing process, this kit comes with a DVD. If you are searching for the ultimate product for waxing, the Gigi Wax products are the best in the world with amazing products made from natural products.

Gigi Wax is Microwaveable Honee Wax

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Gigi Wax Warmer

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